Nichols &
Associates, INC.





Here is our biggest strength! We've been doing it for over 25 years and we have the resources to fill any type of event position with the perfect person. Our personnel are outgoing, presentable, well trained, and have been thoroughly background-checked. You can have confidence that our staff will represent your image with the utmost talent and professionalism.

Event Management

We can take your idea from start to finish and keep our finger on the pulse of the project. We use a proprietary database management system designed for our company called "Storemind". Staying on the cutting edge of technology makes our program management efficient and effective. If we're not actually on-site to manage the project, a designated manager is available by phone, text and e-mail 24/7, and is in constant contact with the event staff. 100% on-date, on-time execution is as critical to us as it is to you. There is no such thing as a "no-show" in our line business! We lift the work and the worry off of your shoulders and take it upon ourselves to give you and your idea the competitive edge.

Recently, Nichols & Associates was named as one of only a few approved third-party roadshow vendors at Costco. This decision came about because of Nichols & Associates' stellar reputation, diverse capabilities, and proven sales performance.

Additionally, Nichols & Associates is the exclusive event management company for Nash Finch Corp., Affiliated Midwest Grocers, Rosauers, and The Markets.

Project Design and Event Planning

Upstairs, the "Idea Team" of our special event marketing division Flair Events loves to get creative and present unique ideas to match your vision, message, or product. Whether it's a simple in-store sampling event or a large outdoor multi-vendor promotion, we want to make it the most effective marketing tool possible. Not only do we plan smaller local parties and events, but we also have a GSA contract for Event Planning and Staffing. GSA Contract #: GS-07F-0656X  


Our office is equipped with a 10,000 square foot secured warehouse, 'pick-and-pack' abilities, shipping facilities, software and staff, and operational and storage space. Whether your promotion requires space for complex display assembly or storage for 100 pallets of product samples, we've got room.